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{"objectClassName": "domain", "handle": "PANDI-DO1788056", "ldhName": "", "links": [{"value": "", "rel": "related", "href": "", "type": "About RDAP"}, {"value": "", "rel": "related", "href": "", "type": "URL for registration services"}, {"value": "", "rel": "self", "href": "", "type": "application/rdap+json"}], "status": ["auto renew period"], "entities": [{"objectClassName": "entity", "handle": "pandi", "roles": ["registrar"], "publicIds": [{"type": "IANA Registrar ID", "Identifier": "1"}, {"type": "PANDI Registrar ID", "Identifier": "pandi"}], "vcardArray": ["vcard", [["version", {}, "text", "4.0"], ["org", {"type": "work"}, "text", "PANDI Registrar"], ["tel", {"type": "voice"}, "text", "tel:02130055777"], ["adr", {}, "text", ["", "Icon Business Park L1-L2 BSD City", " ", "Tangerang", "Banten", "15345", "ID"]], ["email", {"type": "work"}, "text", ""]]]}], "secureDNS": {"delegationSigned": true}, "nameservers": [{"objectClassName": "nameserver", "ldhName": ""}, {"objectClassName": "nameserver", "ldhName": ""}], "events": [{"eventAction": "registration", "eventDate": "2019-12-06 08:28:14"}, {"eventAction": "expiration", "eventDate": "2021-12-06 23:59:59"}], "rdapConformance": ["icann_rdap_technical_implementation_guide_0", "rdap_level_0", "rdap_pandi_level_0"], "remarks": [{"title": "Whois Service", "description": ["The port-43 whois service for this TLD is"]}, {"title": "Remark", "description": ["Registration information:"]}, {"title": "Source", "description": ["PANDI"]}], "port43": "", "lang": "en-US", "notices": [{"title": "Terms of Use", "description": ["Service subject to Terms of Use.", "", ""], "links": [{"rel": "related", "href": ""}]}, {"title": "Comments", "description": ["PANDI WHOIS Server", "for more information on PANDI, visit", "This query returned 1 object"], "links": [{"rel": "related", "href": ""}]}], "__format__": "rdap"}
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