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What’s WhoQ?

WhoQ is a new WHOIS service that will provide accurate and up-to-date data for all participating domain names, with a secure way to communicate with domain name owner.

Why do we need a new WHOIS?

The legacy WHOIS is failing the industry largely broken because of haphazard implementation of privacy laws such as GDPR which prevents interested buyers from contacting domain owners.

How is it going to operate?

Registries, Registrars & Registrants can add their domain names to it. If a third party / client is interested in reaching out to the registrant, they can fill-out a contact form that will be delivered directly to the registrant. They can, also, make an offer to purchase the domain name on-spot.

Is WhoQ service GDPR compliant?

Yes it is. The registrant is fully in control over the present information known about the registrant.

Is WhoQ also for Blockchain domains?

Yes. WhoQ is the first universal WHOIS registry for Blockchains and virtual domains.

Why WhoQ is good for registries?

WhoQ manages privacy compliance and indemnifies the registry against privacy breaches

WhoQ provides registries with a direct solution selling unregistered and premium domains

Why WhoQ is good for registrars?

WhoQ turns WHOIS compliance from being a cost center but into a profit center

WhoQ is a single source for all domain types and is completely free

Why WhoQ is good for registrants?

WhoQ helps registrants get more direct inquiries about their domains

WhoQ prevents spam by not exposing registrant email addresses