About WhoQ

WhoQ.com is a GDPR-compliant solution for WHOIS records that works for conventional and blockchain domains which leave registrants in control of their public data.

WhoQ was developed ideally as a secure and private platform for direct communication between domain owners and businesses. The recent GDPR and other privacy laws prevent interested buyers from contacting domain owners.WhoQ finds a solution for this by maintaining 100% privacy and being fully GDPR compliant at the same time.

At WhoQ, domain owners who wish to sell/lease, their domains can register an account and add their domain names.On the other hand, individuals/startups/businesses can find their desired domain name and communicate with domain owners directly for a hassle-free purchase. WhoQ is a completely free tool that helps you to make money selling domain names and/or that helps you to find and buy your desired domain name at a negotiated price. Moreover, it's the first universal WHOIS registry for Blockchains and virtual domains.

WhoQ.com is a part of the Epik family, powered by Epik Holdings Inc., USA.